Trees and plants in general reproduce via spores, seeds, bulbs, rhizomes, cuttings, layering, etc., and this latest is our point of reference:

The art of creating PLANTS OF GRAND STATURE now includes a new technique worthy of your consideration, thanks to the vitality that Layering in Situ provides to trees & plants with the new Hydro-Capillarry rooterpot

Pot Closed

hidro - capillary

Vertically hinged so that it opens up around the stem and then - locks and seals tightly, additionally secured with two quick-closing - fasteners.

A cylinder of 15 and 25 mm. diameter and 30 mm. in hight, it rises from the base equipped with alettes that embrace then stem upong closing.


The base holds two reservoirs for water retention (± 220 cc). These reservoirs are covered by two semicircular articulated lids perforated by two pair of cones in order to facilitate both the ingress of water and its ascent by capillary action through the soil. The soil is thereby maintained permanently moistened, creating the optimum saturated habitat.



The wall of the pot contains six capillary channels that facilitate the ascent of water via surface tension, intensifying the work of the cones as described above, as well as help roots to a geotropic growing pattern non rotary downwards nature.

The conical-circular lid remains open within a certain radius in order to permit the entry of the stem, which is also affixed to a funnel with alettes that allows for ingress of water at the same time as it reduces the evaporation surface, creating a greenhouse environment and condensing the water, which drips back again.

Lasty, there are four locks with holes in the lid of the pot in case it is necessary to straighten the positioning of the stem by tying in to the main trunk stake.

for layering...

Pot Opened

Before installing the RooterPot, the cortex (bark) of the stem must be cut a ring of 1 cm. wide and either the rootstock is soaked or cuts are made to activate the budbreaks, unless buds are already in appearance. 

Fill the pot with peat or soil with hydrating gels to ensure a good level of humidity during the rooting period. Keep in mind that the stem will continue to receive nutrients from the Mother Plant via the ligneous bundles, without the need to drain its own resources as may occur with cuttings that require very high humidity and temperature.

...any tree or plant!

rooter-pot allows you to grow model plants within the same season with stems up to 25 mm. in diameter and of considerable height plants that you can "nip" in order to obtain the requerided branching for ornamentals and fruit trees. The plant is just borned.

rooter-pot is also a "Heated Pot" owing to its hermetic design. It conserves inner temperature levels and therefore promotes the sucess of rooting. It is a Mini Greenhouse with water reserves for regulation in accordance with evaporation, maintaining soil strata permanently saturated.

rooter-pot allows you to open it at any time to inspect rooting and closed again without any damage to the new plant.

rooter-pot by providing a Mother Plant with large stems, obtains rooted plants within the same season (± 2-3 months) with you chosing the stature, saving time and money and lending "Added Value" with respect to a plant from cuttings. From here on we can select a specimen on basis of stem, size, height, branching, etc., that the best suits our requeriments and aimed at the most demanding markets.


From stems and Suckers rooted from a Mother Plant, genetically equal plants are obtained, including Diocs and Hybrids. That is a clon!

Now we have stems available from Almond, Orange, Olive, Cherry, Quince, Carob, etc., whether ready for grafting or not, saving 2 or more years on seedbeds and in nurseries.


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